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Creamer is a substitute for milk or cream which is used as an additive in beverages such as coffee and tea. Here are things you need to know about creamers.

History of creamer

Talking about creamer cannot be separated from coffee drinks. Since ancient times, especially in the United States, some people drink their coffee by adding milk or cream. Cream itself is a dairy product that contains higher fat which is taken from the top layer of milk before it is homogenized. Milk and cream unfortunately have a shelf life that is not very long. This became a problem because the distribution of milk from producers to consumers at that time sometimes took a long time until finally the idea emerged to create a substitute for milk and cream with a longer shelf life at a lower cost.

An employee of Rich Products, Horton “Rex” Diamond conducted experiments that lasted from 1943 to 1945 using a gel form of soy protein to make soy cream that would not form curds when mixed with coffee. This is the first English reference to non-dairy creamer (NDC). In 1946, Frank S. Mitchell, who was also an employee of Rich Products, teamed up with Diamond to develop a non-dairy whipped topping. Frank also developed non-dairy coffee creamer under the Perx brand which was successful in the market.

Melvin Morse and Dick Borne of Presto Foods in 1950 developed the “Mocha Mix Coffee Creamer” which was the first commercial NDC and the first product to use the word coffee creamer. In 1952 a commercial powder creamer product appeared under the Pream brand, which was made from dried cream added with sugar. This product is not easily soluble in water because of the protein in the milk.

Carnation Company in 1958 developed a product that is easily soluble in hot water because the milk fat in the product was replaced with vegetable oil and reduced the milk protein. This product is sold under the Carnation label under the Coffee-Mate brand and was launched in 1961.

There are unique facts about the history of crime. At the beginning of its appearance, this product used the name coffee whitener, not non-dairy. This is caused by pressure from milk producers who perceive creamer as a threat to their business. Rich Products was legally sued by dairy producers in 36 states in the United States until finally the NDC managed to gain legitimacy and was able to use the term non-dairy.

Ingredients in creamer

To match the mouthfeel of milk fat, NDC often contains hydrogenated vegetable oils, although there are also non-fat creamers. Some NDCs also contain sugar or artificial sweeteners and flavors for those who prefer a different taste. Even though they use the term non-dairy, some NDCs still contain small amounts of casein, which is milk protein. This protein is used to keep the creamer having a milky and creamy taste like milk. NDC is also available which uses 100% vegetable protein or does not use protein at all.

Creamer Usage

As already mentioned, creamer is generally used as an additional ingredient to replace milk which is mixed into coffee or tea. Along with the times and people’s tastes, now creamer is not only used for various drinks, but is also used in making food. Because of its function as a substitute for milk, creamer is now widely used for foods that generally contain milk in it. Not only foods that contain milk, creamer is also used as a substitute for coconut milk in food because of its similar texture.

There are unique facts about the use of creamer. Because it is in the form of a powder which, when in the air in large quantities, can easily explode if ignited by fire, creamer is also used by amateur filmmakers and pyrotechnicians. They use creamer to create various fireball effects. There is no need to worry about these risks if you use a reasonable amount of creamer to drink coffee.

Those are some interesting trivia about creamer or NDC. Hopefully the new insights you get will make you more interested in trying to combine creamer in your favorite drink or food. For quality creamer products, you can always use products from Santos Premium Creamer.

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