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Quality Creamer, The Result Of Continuous Innovation

Produced with the latest technology, making our products the Top Choice in the market

Regular Creamer
General creamer that can be used for various products

Specialty Creamer
Creamer with special functions for various product applications

Our Journey In The Creamer's Industry

With more than 15 years experience, enabled us to become market leaders in the creamer industry in Indonesia. Equipped with modern technology, large production capacity and supported by competent human resources, we are able to consistently produce high quality creamer

News & Event

Creamer, not milk
Creamer, not Milk
Some time ago we wrote an interesting article about creamer as a substitute for milk. Have any of you...
Image 01 SPK SIAL InterFOOD
SPK Creamer Serves at SIAL InterFOOD 2023
Santos Premium Creamer (SPK) participated in the SIAL InterFOOD 2023 event which took place on 8-11 November...
Partially Hydrogenated Oil
Partially Hydrogenated Oil
Fat is an indispensable part of food. Ranging from heavy meals to snacks can contain fat. Fat in food...

Get Creative With Creamers

Resep Korean Strawberry Milk
Resep Pastel Tutup
Resep Spaghetti Brulee

As the leading creamer manufacturer in Indonesia, we take pride in offering a diverse range of top-notch products adhering to the highest standards of Indonesian creamer production. With advanced technology and quality ingredients, we consistently strive to create the number-one creamer in Indonesia.

Through a legacy of expertise and a pioneering spirit, we have been honored with the trust to fulfill the demand for top-tier creamer among Indonesian consumers. Furthermore, our products lend themselves to various recipes to complete the taste of your food and drinks. If you require premium-quality creamer, feel free to contact us here.