Extra Measures
To Protect Quality

Recent Technology For Premium Production

Our extra mile on technology and innovation for the best creamer you’ve ever taste.


Spray-Dryer technology allows products to form powder instantly. Heating the liquid and drying it rapidly using high-temperature air to produce creamer powder. Product safety and quality are guaranteed consistently through continuous production with precise, hygienic and sustainable processes

Pilot-Plant Reseach Facility

With the pilot-plant facility, a small-scale production unit, our R&D team can seamlessly engage in continuous innovation and product development

Advanced Laboratory

Ensuring quality at every stage, from raw materials to the final product. Our laboratory conducts comprehensive tests using international methods, from microbiological assessments to sensory evaluations

Sistem Pengolahan Air Limbah

Baik untuk Anda, baik juga untuk bumi. Menjalankan proses produksi secara ramah lingkungan, lewat fasilitas WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant). Minimalisir polutan organik dan anorganik yang aman bagi lingkungan.