Embarking On Creamer Excellence

The History Of The Leading Creamer
Factory In Indonesia

Driven by an aspiration to excel in the industry, PT. Santos Premium Krimer is dedicated to producing quality creamer for your enjoyment. Skillful and innovative material processing, supported by the latest European production machinery, sets our products apart as a preferred choice.

We take pride in our contribution to the environment through the establishment of a Wastewater Treatment Plant, while remaining attentive to creamer industry trends to consistently provide you with the most delightful creamer experience.

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Becoming a reputable creamer manufacturer and the preferred choice of domestic and international customers.


Producing high-quality creamer to provide customer satisfaction by ensuring quality, safety, and halal standards, along with product flexibility and service orientation tailored to customer needs.

Product Safety And Security

Demonstrating our commitment to crafting top-tier creamer in Indonesia, adhering to both national and international standards for your satisfaction and trust.

Our Journey

From the start, we are aiming to produce the best creamer in Indonesia with maintained quality and keep innovating to lead the industry.

The Growth Never Stops...

We’ve broadened our horizons, introducing creamer to more than 18 export destinations and establishing ourselves as Indonesia’s best and largest creamer manufacturer.