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Kapal Api Group at Trade Expo Indonesia 2023

Kapal Api Group kembali hadir dalam ajang Trade Expo Indonesia ke-38 yang akan digelar di Indonesia Convention Exhibition BSD City

Kapal Api Group is back at the 38th Trade Expo Indonesia which will be held at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition BSD City, Tangerang, on 18-22 October 2023.

Kapal Api Group as a leading company operating in the FMCG sector is again participating in the annual Trade Expo Indonesia event which in 2023 will carry the theme Sustainable Trade for Global Economic Resilience. Together with more than 1,000 other exhibitors, Kapal Api Group appeared at this global event as part of efforts to support and increase the positive trend of Indonesian export growth.

Located in Hall 3 number 3-1, the Kapal Api Group booth presents various products from its various business units. Kapal Api Group has long been known to operate in the coffee industry from plantations to coffee shops (crop to cup). Not only coffee products and its derivatives, Kapal Api Group is also expanding its wings into other industries such as candy and biscuits, creamer, and distribution. At this Trade Expo Indonesia event, Kapal Api Group introduced homecare products, which are the newest line of a series of quality products presented by Kapal Api Group.

Robin Setyono, Chief Executive Officer of PT. Kapal Api Global, as a representative of the Kapal Api Group, stated that the positive performance of Indonesia’s export activities after the Covid pandemic must continue to be maintained and improved. Kapal Api Group appreciates the steps taken by the government to accommodate the needs of B2B business actors to interact with potential buyers by holding hybrid offline and online events.

Robin also revealed that current industrial growth is full of challenges that require business actors to adapt to the existing situation. Companies must be able to recognize and encourage the potential of superior products they have while remaining intuitive in taking advantage of opportunities to try new innovations. Motivated by this spirit, Kapal Api Group, which has been known for its quality in the food and beverage industry, is now presenting a diversified homecare business which was first showcased at Trade Expo Indonesia.

“As an innovative company, Kapal Api Group has a special division that develops the latest products outside our main business in FMCG. This is in line with Kapal Api Group’s core value, namely continuous learning. But the most important thing that needs to be emphasized is customer satisfaction. “Therefore, Kapal Api Group is committed to always providing the best quality in every innovation, as we have been presenting quality products for Indonesia and the world.”

Santos Premium Creamer (SPK) also participated in the excitement of the Trade Expo Indonesia 2023 event as part of the Kapal Api Group. This event is a means for SPK to expand its reach to consumers to become more familiar with its quality creamer products. Visitors to the Kapal Api Group booth can try samples of drinks that use SPK creamer to get an idea. The hope is that after this event, it will provide fresh air for the growth of Indonesian creamer exports on the international stage.

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