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SPK Creamer Creation Competition

SPK Creamer Creation Competition

On November 22 2023, Santos Premium Krimer held a creamer creation competition with the title Krimerin Kreasi Kulinermu. This competition was announced on the official Santos Premium Krimer Instagram account @santoskrimer.

The objective of this competition is to determine the ability of the competition participants to create food and drink creations using creamer from SPK. They were challenged to make delicious creamer-based culinary creations with an attractive appearance and in accordance with the competition theme.

This time’s creamer creation competition has the theme Happy Mother’s Day because it is held to welcome Mother’s Day which falls on December 22. Initially the competition was scheduled to end on December 15 2024 and the announcement was made on Mother’s Day. However, due to the high interest of participants, there were many requests for the competition entry deadline to be postponed, so the competition was extended until December 31.

On December 31, 2023, 74 entries in the form of photos and videos were collected from 29 participants. The judges worked hard to select the competition entries that had been entered because the works created by the contestants were well executed and interesting.

After carrying out the assessment process for some time, the jury finally succeeded in determining the winner, who was announced in a post on the Santos Premium Krimer website and Instagram on January 25 2024.

SPK Creamer Creation Competition

The list of winning Instagram accounts for your Krimerin Kreasi Kulinermu competition is as follows:
1st Place: @audyscakee (Strawberry Vla Cheese Pudding)
2nd Place: @s.sbla_ (Mud Heaven)
3rd place: @juita.w (Macaroni Schotel)

Consolation winner:
@rhyulfah (Bucket Flower Cake)
@ita_iwed (Durian Sticky Rice)
@anggun_pratiwi26 (Grape Pudding)
@rizzathalla_18 (Beach Pudding Pie)
@shinta_deliana (Fern Vegetables)

We congratulate the winners. Hopefully you will be inspired to continue working with your culinary arts. And we also don’t forget to thank all the participants in the Krimerin Kreasi Kulinermu competition. The competition entries that were entered were all extraordinary and able to show the potential of creamer in creating palatable and delicious culinary delights. See you again in the next competitions which of course will be even more interesting. Don’t forget to always use quality creamer from Santos Premium Krimer.

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