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Various Signature foods in the month of Ramadan

Various Signature foods in the month of Ramadan

Ramadhan is nearing. During this month, Muslims partake in their fasting for a whole full month. In Indonesia, fasting is usually associated with takjil, which is usually eaten to break fast. Every region in Indonesia has their own takjil specialty, which varies from each other.

As a country with Muslims being the majority of its population, Indonesia celebrates Islamic holidays. One of those many Islamic holidays would be the month of fasting, which falls in the month of Ramadhan of the Islamic calendar. During this month, Muslims take part in fasting by not eating nor drinking from subuh until maghrib, for one whole month. One of the characteristics of fasting month are the foods that only appear over the course of this period. These foods are usually eaten during suhoor or iftaar.

Indonesia is an archipelago state with a diverse culture. It is not a surprise if each region has their own signature food. For example, kolak pisang is one of the foods that we eat during this month. Who doesn’t know about this food, which is made from boiled bananas, with its sweet coconut milk. It is not like that we will not be able to find kolak during the other months, its just that we are able to find it in a massive amount during the period of fasting month. So, what are the other signature foods amidst course of this month?

Various Signature foods in the month of Ramadan

  1. Kanji rumbi porridge

Originating from Serambi Mekah province, Aceh, this food is usually shared to people who gathers around mosque, moments before breaking a fast. Kanji rumbi porridge is said to be a favorite food for the Aceh kings. This brown-colored porridge has a form similar to chicken porridge, but it is made from spices which has a strong flavor and smell, making it as one of their characteristics. It is no surprise as the recipe itself was influenced by Indian foods.

  1. Bingke berendam

Kue bingke berendam is one of the signature food originating from Pontianak, which is usually consumed when someone is breaking their fast. This cake is similar to kue lumpur, although the difference would be at how they serve it, as kue bingke berendam usually has sweet water at their bottom, which appears during its baking process, making the cake looks submerged. The cake is made from rice flour, sugar and eggs. It is cooked through two stages, first by stove, and the next one with an oven, in a flower shaped baking pan. At it first bite, the final result would be a soft, savory yellow colored cake.

  1. Ketan bintul

This is a fasting signature food which comes from Banten. Ketan bintul is made from sticky rice which is sprinkled with serundeng. This food is usually eaten by dipping it into a kuah semur or paired with beef empal. This food has been around since the 16th century. Generally, ketan bintul is not sold outside of the fasting month.

  1. Mi glosor

We now move onto the city of rain, which is Bogor. In this city, there is a signature food during the period of fasting month, named mie glosor. This noodle is made from cassava or aci flour, which has yellow color, originating from turmeric. Mie glosor is sauteed with vegetables and often paired with sambal kacang and gorengan.

  1. Barongko

From across the island, appears Barongko, which is a fasting signature food originating from Makassar. This food from the Bugis tribe is made from bananas, eggs, coconut milk, sugar, and salt. All of these ingredients are mashed and mixed together, then steamed with banana leaf wrappings which covered the dough. The final result would be a sweet and savory food, which has a smooth texture. Barongko is usually stored inside a refrigerator first, before it gets taken out nearing a fasting break.

  1. Toge panyabungan

Toge panyabungan is another fasting month signature food which comes from Mandailing Natal. At first glance, this cold beverage looks similar to es cendol, but what differs them is that they have a more variative toppings. Inside a toge panyabungan, there are cendol, ketan, red ketan, tape, candil, and lupis which would be mixed together with coconut milk and brown sugar syrup. The freshness that toge panyabungan gives, making it one of the targets when people break their fast.

Some of the examples above are signature foods that appear during fasting month from different regions of Indonesia. Of course, there are other foods from other regions as well. You may be interested in trying it out, or if its not possible, you want to try to make it yourself in your home. A lot of those foods contain of coconut milk. You might be able to substitute it with creamer as an alternative. Don’t forget to try our high-quality creamer from SPK. You can get it from SPK official online shop, at Tokopedia and Shopee.


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