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Rock Sugar vs Granulated Sugar

Sugar cannot be separated from our daily lives. The food and drinks we consume today mostly contain sugar.

Rock Sugar and Granulated Sugar

There are many types of sugar that we know, one of which is granulated sugar. Granulated sugar is the most common sugar we encounter. We will find it in almost every kitchen because sugar is one of the main cooking ingredients. Granulated sugar is in the form of small white crystals with a rough texture. This sugar is formed from sugar cane liquid which is heated until it crystallizes, then the syrup liquid is separated so that only the sugar crystals remain.

Apart from granulated sugar, we also know rock sugar. Rock sugar is in the form of uneven crystal chunks of varying sizes, white or brownish in color. A brown color appears if the sugar used has not gone through a filtering process. Rock sugar itself is formed from granulated sugar (cane sugar or coconut sugar) which is dissolved in water then heated and crystallizes when cooled. Rock sugar is usually served with warm drinks or can be consumed directly like candy.

Rock Sugar vs Granulated Sugar

Advantages of Rock Sugar Compared to Granulated Sugar

Rock sugar has several advantages compared to granulated sugar. Rock sugar is more easily converted into energy in the pancreas. Within 140 minutes, the pancreas converts about ½ tablespoon of granulated sugar into energy and 6 tablespoons into sugar cubes. This means rock sugar can restore your energy quickly.

In the same dose, rock sugar has lower calories than granulated sugar. This happens because during the cooking process, rock sugar is mixed with water, making it low in calories. Apart from that, rock sugar is not as sweet as granulated sugar, so it is suitable to be mixed as a sweetener in drinks.

Benefits of Rock Sugar

Some of the benefits of rock sugar include helping to make your breath fresher. Rock sugar can also increase haemoglobin (HB) levels in the blood and increase energy. Because it is easily absorbed by the pancreas, rock sugar can be a fast source of energy because rock sugar is easily broken down into glucose which can be metabolized quickly by the body. Rock sugar can also relieve coughs, prevent flu, and strengthen the immune system. Because rock sugar can maintain the acidity level in the stomach, rock sugar can reduce nausea and gas when you have the flu.

Like granulated sugar, rock sugar also has health risks if consumed excessively. Diseases that can arise if you eat too much rock sugar include: obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and worsening oral health.

Food or drinks that contain sugar are enjoyable when consumed, but the health risks they have are also high if not controlled. It’s a good idea to reduce your consumption of sweets and try using creamer in your drinks or food. Creamer can be an alternative for those of you who want to avoid health problems caused by sugar. Don’t forget to use high quality creamer products from Santos Premium Creamer. You can get it at our official online shop at Tokopedia and Shopee.


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