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Carefully Distinguish Genuine vs Fake SPK Products

Carefully Distinguish Genuine vs Fake SPK Products

Nowadays, there are a lot of cases circling around the falsification of certain goods, or what is commonly known as counterfeited goods.

Some of the ones that you probably see a lot are bags, clothing, jewelries. Even electronic devices have their own counterfeited versions. But do you know that food products, such as creamer, is also one of the products that often gets faked. It happens to SPK’s creamer, where during its circulation, there were several cases which resulted in customers getting fake creamer. Well if that’s the case, how can we, as a customer, able to differentiate between the real and fake creamer? In this article, we will be explaining on how to differentiate them.

There are several cases where people would sell their fake creamer using SPK’s sack. Certain parties out there like to use SPK’s name, which is already well known, to sell their counterfeited creamer that does not have the same quality as the real one. However, this can be avoided by paying attention to these indications while you are buying the products.

When buying SPK’s creamer, one of the things that you need to look out for is to check for the two lines located on top of the product’s packaging. Usually, those 2 lines would be gone already, whether its due to being opened, or was cut by certain parties.

You should also pay attention to the inner plastic packaging. The real one has double seal which are located at the bottom of the packaging. If it doesn’t have the said double seal, that would mean that it’s a counterfeited creamer produced by other parties.

 The color of the creamer can also indicate whether it’s the real or fake one. The real one has an even yellowish white color. It also retains its color when brewed. Different from the fake ones, as they have an uneven color and appears paler and watery when they are brewed.

Aroma and taste can also become differentiators between the real and fake SPK creamer. Both of them have a plain and milky aroma, but the fake one gives off weird aroma, like a musty and rancid smell. In terms of taste, the real one has a milky and coconut taste, is not watery like water or sugar. This differentiates them from the fake one, as they tend to be bland, watery, a bit hint of milky sweetness and a weird foreign taste.

The last thing you can do is to compare the prices of the creamer that you buy. The fake ones are usually sold cheaper, as they are priced below the market price. Because of that, it would be better if you buy SPK’s products directly from our own factory by contacting the number provided, or through our official online stores which are available on Shopee and Tokopedia. By buying them directly, you can avoid the possibility of buying counterfeited creamer.

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