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Religious Tourism Destinations

Religious Tourism Destinations

When celebrating Ramadhan, it’s not only about taking parts in fasting, but it’s also a chance to various activities with your loved ones. Religious tour is one of the example of what you can do during this month.

Religious tour is usually defined as a tour that has a connection with history, figures, and also places for prayers. There are a lot of benefits that you could get if you decided to go on a religious tour, whether it’s mentally or spiritually, such as improving ones faithfulness, increasing knowledge and cultural insights of a certain region.

This activity can be done at various places across the world, where some of the famous examples that you probably know about are Mekkah and Madinah, which are located at Saudi Arabia. Indonesia also have its own places where you can do your religious tour, whether it’s just for touring or pilgrimage. Here are some religious tour spots that you can probably try to visit:

  1. Agung Mosque Jawa Tengah, Semarang

Designed with Java, Islamic and Roman’s architecture, this mosque is located at the center of Semarang city. This mosque is famous for its Al Husna Tower, where the said tower is 99 meter tall. Those giant hydraulic umbrellas, like the ones in Nabawi Mosque, Madinah, are also one of the main attractions at this mosque. It is usually used by Muslims as a place for prayer, a touring place, and an education center.

  1. Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta

Located at Jakarta, Istiqlal mosque is one of the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia. It was built during President Soekarno’s government term, and it can accommodate until up to hundreds of thousand people.

  1. Baiturrahman Mosque, Aceh

This mosque is one of the Aceh Kingdom’s legacy, which later become a religious tourist spot, a symbol for religion, culture, and as a symbol of fighter for the Aceh people. It is called as that because this mosque managed to persist firmly throughout the Aceh tsunami, that happened back in 2004.

  1. Raya Al Jabbar Mosque, Bandung

Raya Al Jabbar Mosque, Bandung

This mosque was first designed back in 2015. It has a Turkish mosque accent, adorned with West Java’s decorative arts. This mosque is a place for prayer, education center, and a place of pilgrimage for the Muslims.

  1. Maimun Palace, Medan

Maimun Palace is located at Medan, South Sumatra, and is one of Deli Kingdom’s legacy. It was first built in 1888, by the order of Sultan Deli. Heavily patterned with the Malay’s culture, it also combined Europe and Persian culture into the architecture style. This palace is called as Maimun as a symbol of Sultan’s love to his empress, Siti Maimunah.

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