PT. Santos Premium Krimer was built in 2005 and started to produce in commercial scale at the end of 2006. As a creamer producer which oriented to supply consumer goods industry, especially in local market, PT. Santos Premium Krimer has a vision to be a reputable creamer manufacture and become the top choice of domestic and international customers.

Using the modern technology machines from Europe, PT. Santos Premium Krimer has optimize its production capacity with operation time during 24 hours per day. According to the development of local and foreign market, PT. Santos Premium Krimer also preparing human resources which needed to develop the production output annually.

For using, operating and maintaining the production machine optimally, PT. Santos Premium Krimer place the capable, creative and innovative human resources.

As a company which cares about the environment, PT. Santos Premium Krimer gives the serious treatment for production waste water. Waster Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Unit was built and it’s optimally function, so that there will not make a negative influence for the environment.

Based on the main mission: “Produce high-quality creamer to give satisfaction to customers by ensuring the quality, safety and halal as well as flexibility of products and service oriented on customer needs” so that PT. Santos Premium Krimer is ready to be a strong industry, keep on forward and always make the product as the main choice for customer.

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